22 March 2011

Get that paywalled content via ezproxy on iPad

I frequently use Flipboard on the iPad for reading RSS feeds to which I have subscribed in Google Reader. Several of my feeds are for “paywalled” content which the Library at MPOW provides the University staff and students access to via a subscription. On the iPad I get stuck at the paywall, unless I make a note of the content details, then navigate to the Library’s resources and search for it.

On my netbook or desktop at home I would use the LibX toolbar I have installed for Bond University Library to reload the page via ezproxy. I wanted to find a way to do the same thing on the iPad, and put out a call on Twitter for hints. But before I got a response I found a blog post by Aaron Tay (a mover and shaker in the library world) about National University of Singapore’s bookmarklet that does the same thing.

iPads are becoming more popular among staff and students so if any are reading and want to try it out here are the instructions.

  1. In Safari save this or any page as a bookmark
  2. Edit the bookmark
  3. Rename the bookmark – I used “Reload via Ezproxy”, but you can name it whatever you like.
  4. Paste this javascript into the URL field


Replace “ezproxy.bond.edu.au” with your own institution’s ezproxy address – Ask your librarian if you can’t find it. They love being asked questions!

If you are not sure how to manage your Safari bookmarks in the iPad take a look at:

If you want some other bookmarklets to improve productivity:

    OK, so now you have your ezproxy bookmarklet set up in Safari you can now open articles from Flipboard or other apps via Safari and then reload the page, login and view the full text of the article. It looks kind of like this…

    1. Reading article in Flipboard. At top right the arrow offers option to open in SafariPaywalled article in Flipboard

    2. On the bookmarks bar select the bookmarkletBookmarklet in Safari

    3. Login to ezproxyLog in to Ezproxy (Bond University)

    4. Page reloads in Safari via Ezproxy to show full text. See in the URL.

    URL redirected via ezproxy