12 October 2010

Favourite LibX feature

My favourite feature of LibX toolbar is the reload via ezproxy function. A common scenario when I use this starts from scanning RSS feeds of journal tables of contents when I’m not at work. On campus access to many of these journal or databases is automatic, but from off-campus staff and students have to authenticate via ezproxy to get to the full text. Or maybe, someone has emailed a link to me, or maybe I find it from Google Scholar.

So I find an article I’d like to read and click through only to get limited content or just an abstract. With LibX toolbar (a Firefox and IE extension) I get a right-click menu in the browser with a number of LibX options. One of them is to reload the page via MPOW’s ezproxy server. This will only work if the Library has a subscription to the journal/database that is configured in ezproxy.


LibX is a customisable toolbar designed so that you can take your Library’s resources and services with you as you browse the web. If your library has not set up a customised toolbar, you could set up your own, but for best use you’ll need to get some details about your Library’s link resolver, library catalogue and your favourite databases.

Already using LibX, what’s your favourite LibX feature?