10 September 2007

ALIA Board Blog

The Board members of ALIA now have their very own group blog. I've subscribed and look forward to finding out a bit more about what the Board is up to, in a more timely fashion than waiting for Incite to appear in my mailbox. I think this is a great move.


I was hoping to comment on one of the posts congratulating them on this step. But, it requires a login. Maybe that's coming - it's early days yet.

I would recommend that they do some spell checks on their posts though.  A quick read through their 4 posts and I found the following:


City fo Wanneroo


an insiuring presentation

Austust in Adeliade


OK, now I know I've opened myself up for criticism. Let me know where my typos are and I'll fix them.


To help avoid spelling mistakes, the latest version of Windows Live Writer (a blog editing tool that talks to various blog platforms) has a built-in spell checker - which I'll use right now. It found all those mistakes above. Of interest were the options it offered for correcting insuiring.

  • inspiring
  • insuring
  • injuring
  • inquiring
  • disfiguring
  • ensuring
  • incurring
  • instituting
  • windsurfing

I'll bet it was inspiring, but a windsurfing presentation would have caused a ripple or two at a library conference.

ALIA Board Blog