28 January 2008

Update on my newsgator trial

I've been using Newsgator online, feedDemon and the outlook plugin that Newsgator provides for free as an alternative to Bloglines.

My bloglines notifier is telling me that I have over 2000 unread items, but I'm keeping on top of things with newsgator.

The idea was that I wanted to try a desktop and online feed reader that could be synchronised. This is working great. BUT - I couldn't bear the Outlook plugin and it was uninstalled within two days. I just don't consume RSS items the way I consume email. It was a jarring experience having to mark them as read and delete them.

I really like FeedDemon, and the reports that it gives me about which feeds I am paying more attention to, and identifying those that barely get a glance. But I think it is too early to start unsubscribing based on the reports just yet. But there are some adjustments in my workflows.

One thing is that I don't have my Windows Live Writer BlogIt button in the FeedDemon interface so I have to right click, open in new window then BlogIt. And my Connotea bookmarklet doesn't want to work in FD either. I could try the Add to Connotea in main window option, but I generally prefer to do this in a pop - up so as not to lose my place.

The other thing that was a little annoying, was when I imported my Bloglines subscriptions as an OPML file, I lost my folder structure - on the plus side this has freed me to think differently about how I organise feeds, on the minus side most of my feeds are just in one long list that I feel needs some attention.

It's too early to say if I will abandon Bloglines too - it has certainly been a constant companion for the last couple of years.

What got me started on using newsgator again.