10 January 2008

NewsGator Provides RSS readers for Free

From Techcrunch comes the news that Newsgator is now providing the desktop RSS reader for free. I have used newsgator online (but not recently) and found it an adequate aggregator. It wasn't wonderful enough to drag me away from Bloglines. However, if the desktop app is free I may just have to experiment with Newsgator again.
The reason is there are potentially more RSS feed sources coming available from within MPOW which are not accessible by web-based readers. I don't particularly want to have both a web-based and desk-top reader to access all the feeds I want, but if the online and desktop can make use of the same data source of what I have and haven't read then there may be some incentive to use both.
I'd also be interested in a reader that can handle authentication credentials for secure feeds.

NewsGator Upgrades RSS Readers, Provides Them for Free -- Techcrunch article