26 May 2017

Preparing for new Primo UI

I presented with a colleague, Jessie Donaghey at the recent ANZREG conference on our preparations for the new Primo UI.

Here is the presentation.

This was my first serious attempt at using Sway (office 365) for a presentation.


  • Interactive
  • Loaded images relatively quickly - yes we presented using it online and live! 
  • Pretty without requiring graphic design skills
  • Responsive - adapts to screen size of visitor
  • Images can be zoomed into while in the presentation


  • jumps about when editing the slides - easy to lose your place
  • responsive - so you cannot always tell in advance how well your images might display
  • cannot export or easily convert to a back up PPT or PDF. We had to 
  • CC images can be searched for within the interface, but no easy way to track down the details so that you can provide attribution. We ended up using images from unsplash.com which are CC0 licence - pretty much do what you like with them. But we had to download, resize and then upload to Sway