19 July 2016

Research Data Things 16/23 - Publisher and Funder Perspectives

In this thing we are asked to look up a journal to find out what's policy is in relation to research data.

I looked up the Australian Library Journal as it is one I have an article published in, and I didn't remember anything about data publishing recommendations at the time...

Curiously the only statements I could see in relation to "data" were in relation to copyright.

"You will be asked to assign to the Australian Library and Information Association, via a Publishing Agreement, the copyright in your article. Your Article is defined as the final, definitive, and citable Version of Record, and includes: (a) the accepted manuscript in its final form, including the abstract, text, bibliography, and all accompanying tables, illustrations, data;"

"If you wish to include any material in your manuscript in which you do not hold copyright, you must obtain written permission from the copyright owner, prior to submission. Such material may be in the form of text, data, table, illustration, photograph, line drawing, audio clip, video clip, film still, and screenshot, and any supplemental material you propose to include."

I did not find anything specifically making recommendations about authors sharing their data.
It's a Taylor & Francis journal. I checked their website Author Services section but a search for 'data' did not make any results jump out at me that looked relevant.

These data policies at BioMed Central are worth a look.

As more funding agencies adopt policies requiring research data be shared, libraries and research offices will have to allocate more resourcing for support services to ensure the data is described, shared and preserved into the future. Admittedly I skimmed the funder statements but I didn't notice anything about longevity of preservation. Some thought should be given to whether data sets should or even could be shared indefinitely and whether there are some data sets where it is appropriate to only make the data available for a specified period. Right now I can't think of such circumstances but maybe it could arise.

A couple of funder statements on data sharing: