5 June 2016

World Environment Day

5th of June is World Environment Day and the theme this year is zero tolerance for illegal wildlife trade. That's not the greatest threat to this creature....

Koala World Environment Day

This koala lives in the bush behind my house.

I live beside a koala conservation corridor and I'm lucky to see one every week or so. They can be quite noisy at night when breeding they make dreadful grunting pig-like noises, but once you get over the surprise that this sleepy looking creature can sound like that it's no problem. Also there are not that many of them around, they move from tree to tree so they are not always close enough to hear, and they aren't at it every night.

The Australian Koala Founation states that habitat loss is their greatest threat -- https://www.savethekoala.com/about-koalas/interesting-facts. The foundation is working towards koala protection legislation to prevent removal of trees that koalas need to thrive. Why not plant a tree online for as little as $10 to take action this #WED2016.