25 June 2016

Research Data Things 14/23 - Identifiers and Linked Data

This was a good chance for me to log back into ORCID and check on my record. I used the link to generate a QR code for my record - though right now I don't have a good use for it.

Scan for Peta Hopkins ORCID record.

I updated my list of works, but had to add it manually since there are no DOIs for the conference papers at VALA. ORCID site does not enable the addition of multiple authors for manually added conference papers. It would be great if VALA and Information Online conference provided DOIs at least for peer reviewed papers. With that I could have used the Cross Ref integration to grab this data automatically.

I added my ORCID to the following:

About Me  - unfortunately it has not option in the social links area that I could use.
LinkedIn - once again, no obvious place to put it. I added it to the summary, but if anyone has any other ideas would love to hear them. It would be good to have it in the Publications section.

Moving on to the Challenge Me segment I notice that this was a huge conceptual step up from Getting Started and Learn More segments. I think some kind of explanation to help participants make the leap from ORCID (and other identifiers) to linked data would be helpful for many just starting to think about these concepts.