10 June 2016

Research Data Things 13/23 - Walking the Crosswalk

This thing asks us to explore the differences and variations between metadata schemas and the challenges of translating a record from one schema to another. Having done quite a lot of data mapping such as from people records from a student system to a library system this was not really a new experience for me...


The exercise asked us to look at this record and map the fields into Dublin Core using this table.

Here are some observations about that process:

  • For a number of DC fields there was no data available in the source record.
  • The rights information in the source record was spread across four fields. Dublin Core has only one field for all of this information
  • The file format was not specified in the source record, but could potentially be extracted from the attachment file extensions with some programming
  • The kind of data was not specified in a field in the source record though it can be deduced from the title/description.
  • The source record contains several fields that have no equivalencies in Dublin Core.