14 June 2016

Planner in Office 365

A few days ago there was a conversation about analog planners in the #blogjune community. Rachel specifically asked about notebook or other physical planners. My preference is to have my to do lists and calendar linked up and accessible on various devices. I don't want to add something to the list of things I have to carry around with me.

This week I discovered the Planner app in Office 365 (via work).  Probably not something I'd use for everyday use, but for team projects this product is like Trello and is apparently a re-engineering of Sharepoint Tasks functionality - thought I can't find the reference to where I learned that. Mayne in Lynda.com Sharepoint Online video??. If your team members remember to update their assigned tasks in a timely manner then this will provide a graphical view of progress and assignments.

Seems worth taking a closer look at. I imagine it would be great for small teams working on things like event planning.

A couple of screenshots:
MS Planner in Buckets View

MS Planner in Chart view