And for my first trick..... day 1 blogjune

Welcome to all the new and returning #junebloggers for #blogjune. If you want to display a badge on your blog, or shout about it on your LinkedIn profile you can claim it here.

Adding the registrations to my feedly account reminded me how much I miss the thriving blog community of a few years back.
I've been missing it because I just have not been logging in to Feedly and because many of the blogs I subscribed to years ago have reduced to less frequent posts or disappeared or are languishing with one or two posts a year. I too had a very long hiatus on this blog as it became one of the things I had to stop doing to keep going with all the other stuff. It's OK not to do #allthethings.  My blog has had a recent resurgence partly due to the 23 Research Data Things program.

Relying on twitter to keep up with blog posts doesn't work for me generally. In fact some of my fave tweeps are not on the same tweet time as me any more.

#blogjune is not just about posting, but also appreciating other's posts by reading and commenting so I plan to check into Feedly more often where I can read all the posts conveniently. If you want to import the feeds (not guaranteed to contain latest registrations) into your aggregator/RSS reader here is the OPML - (created 31st May)
Some later registrations... ( (created 1 June 1:20pm)

I have also set up a column in Tweetdeck for the #blogjune twitter list so I can see tweets at a glance and tune into the twitter conversations as well. It seems there is much less commenting on blogs these days replaced by twitter - a fragmented way to stay across the interactions. If you want to follow other participants be sure to follow/subscribe to the list.

What are your techniques for making the most of this month-long challenge?