27 June 2016

10 things that will probably not interest you at all

Reverse psychology clickbait title! Without this series of questions from Bun Toting Librarian and a reminder by Rachel there would be no blogjune post today.

The most recent text you received was… A reminder about the time of an appointment this week.

What is an overused word or saying that you hate?
"Would of, should of"

What was the last book that you read?
Seduction by Catherine Gildiner. A mystery-detective fiction about Sigmund and Anna Freud with a woman protagonist as a husband-killer convict turned Freud academic.

The best purchase you’ve made recently?
Janome DC3100 sewing machine.

What was the last image you posted on social media and why?
I was bored and playing around with Snapchat filters

What was the last movie you saw?
Spectre streamed to TV.

What is the last risk you took and how did it turn out?
Sat outside under a tree and got a tick bite just in front of my ear. That was Saturday and its still itchy. Everything is a risk, it's just the magnitude that varies.

What kind of mood were you in today?
I'm not going into that here.

What has been your biggest challenge lately?
See last question.

What is one new thing you have learned?
Shirring with my new sewing machine.