Blogjune is looming

No doubt @flexnib will be posting about this at Flexnib, but since the hashtag is already starting to circulate...

If you plan to blogjune, register by tweeting your blog URL with hashtag #iambloggingjune.

You will have your blog address added to a list which will be published somewhere, and your twitter handle will be added automatically to a twitter list. Subscribe/follow that list to make sure you get all the participants tweets...

In June when you tweet your posts just use #blogjune as in previous years.

Update 18 May:
Here is the list..... If you are stuck for blogging ideas in June take a look at the Ideas sheet. Tweet your ideas to me @petahopkins and I'll add them to the list.

Caveat... some people who RT a post with the hashtag will also end up on this list. If you tweet the hashtag more than once you will also end up on the list multiple times.