17 March 2016

Research Data Thing 3/23

During the implementation period of institutional research frameworks there is a higher risk of ad hoc approaches being taken by individual researchers.
It is critical that IT departments, libraries and research offices collaborate on the implementation of institutional framework to ensure a consistent approach when researchers might go first to any of these departments. This is especially true when individual research projects requirements for data management may be very complex or need something that has never been used before at the institution. A well-meaning IT professional might meet the data storage needs well but provide a solution that makes other institutional obligations more difficult to attain. A librarian working in isolation might recommend an approach that is incompatible with existing IT infrastructure.
Getting all parties on the same page (framework) as early as possible mitigates risk of making the data management planning and execution more difficult, resulting in roadblocks and annoyances for researchers. There is also the potential of holding up the data creation which may impact on dates associated with ethical clearances.