24 August 2014

Sharing some Twitter experiences

During the week I met with some of the Bond University Women’s Network organisers to share our experiences with Twitter.

On the 19th of September they are hosting an event (Speak Up Forum) where we are going to experiment with social media as a way to introduce another dimension into the BUWN experience for members and others to share ideas and speak up about issues affecting them.

So we went around the table and talked about the things we knew about twitter (very limited number of characters, lots of rubbish on there) and what we didn’t know about twitter (how do hashtags work, how to have an effective network focusing on big issues and not just cat pictures, what’s an RT and an MT).

I used this slideset as a starting point to cover off some basic content – Thank you Benoit Guilbaud @benguilbaud.

Some other tips and resources:
  1. Use a photo or avatar or logo – don’t just use the egghead – to distinguish yourself from other twitter users
  2. Twitter’s very own getting started guide is worth a look at and should reflect any recent changes to Twitter functionality.
  3. Consider TweetDeck or Hootsuite for a dashboard look at Twitter and the ability to schedule tweets if you get seriously into twitter
  4. 7 steps to building an effective Twitter network
  5. The more you contribute, the more you’ll get out of it