21 April 2014

Link Highlights (weekly)

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  • "The idea behind ‘Gelatine’ is a system that facilitates shared encounters between coworkers and library users by allowing them to digitally ‘check in’ at a work space. Gelatine displays skills, areas of interest, and needs of currently present coworkers on a public screen. The system provides an online / mobile website for users to create a personal profile with keywords (‘tags’) that describe their skills, areas of interests, as well as areas that they have a problem in or want to learn more about. This profile information is linked to their RFID membership card, which they can swipe at one of the ‘checkin-points’ at the entrance or specific sub locations such as individual desks or coffee kiosk to confirm their presence in the space." -- website

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      Background: Lack of Social Learning Opportunities in Libraries


      Public libraries and coworking spaces seek for means to facilitate peer collaboration, peer inspiration and cr

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