8 November 2013

Too much for having just woken up

My early twitter perusals this morning took me to some resources that my just woken brain was not quite ready for.
First up Peter Murray-Rust with his week that changed his life was positive, but there were a few acronyms and phrases that I didn't have the energy to think through at 6:15am but machines reading and liberating facts sparked an image of technological positivity for the future of scholarly publishing.
Then, Audrey Watters' keynote at Open Education 2013 talking about end-of-days rhetoric and education apocalypse stories challenged me to really wake up.
"A planet covered in grey goo with 10 university-teaching-machines delivering educational content to student-machines. That would be one helluva education apocalypse."
That grey goo was the result of nanotechnology gone wrong. Sounds like a nightmare. Maybe I wasn't really awake. *pinch
No I actually read that.
I recently reviewed The Playful World by Mark Pesce for an assignment in the HyperlibMOOC. He also wrote about the possibilities nanotechnology going wrong. The last part of that book talked about how technology offers us opportunities to both betray and promote human endeavours, and the challenge of keeping it humane.
All projects need a "kindness" section in their quality plans.
Enough morning ramblings. It not even 7am, and I hate blogging on a tablet.