18 November 2013

Reflective Practice Module Reflection

For this module, posting about the topic is very meta! Reflecting on reflective practice.

I caught up on some of the readings and viewings earlier this week, but only just found the time to view @michael’s lecture. We had a Lord of the Rings birthday party at our place last night and I have been somewhat busy with preparations. But also impressed by the kindnesses of youth, even when under the influence of alcohol.

I turned a slab of sponge into a hobbit hole.

Now, it’s time to think about some of the ideas in the lecture.

I can’t exactly pin point what it was that drew me to this career. I fell into it rather than designed it – but I have found that I’ve mostly been surrounded by kind-hearted colleagues.  So why is it that we sometimes don’t realise how mean some of our policies or signage is? Do we just forget to put ourselves in the customers shoes? I have to admit that working in a library, it is very rare for me to visit a library as a customer. Maybe we should all make a point of a 6 monthly visit to a nearby library that is not our work place.

And on the topic of mistakes. During the week I saw a quote about mistakes – I can’t remember where – which prompted me to make a motivational image.

According to the Good Reads site, this is a quote from Cheryl Cole.

A friend at another library was bemoaning how many mistakes she had made at work. I quoted this to her and she asked if she could use it at her performance appraisal. I think it’s a good reminder that we should be kind to ourselves too.