23 September 2013

Cruising the hyperlibMOOC blogs

This week’s viewings were great. I have to admit I like the practical ideas and examples much more than the theorising about the whys and wherefores.
But I wonder about how translatable ideas are. What are the key ingredients that makes some idea click with one community, but that just won’t work somewhere else?
How much success is tied up in having the right person/personality or just the right mix of skills in a team?  I think it’s important to learn how to be bold and experimental without being so focused on the program itself. Take inspiration from your own community rather than reproduce some other community’s experience

Now, I’m just cruising through some of the MOOC blogs…

  • Module Three Link Madness by DigitalCarrie – this post clearly shows how an individual’s special interest might influence a particular community. Her interest in wellness and health is permeating her work.

  • I don’t own a computer. – in contrast to the author I think of my smartphone as the computer that fits in my hand. After all it has more computing power than the moon mission. But, I still reach for a keyboard when it comes time to make content. On occasions I have written blog posts on a tablet or smartphone, but they are usually brief and simple. I can produce far more sophisticated results on a netbook. Tablet and phone are primarily for consumption and updating statuses.