23 June 2013


“The term originates from the Hebrew word shibbólet (שִׁבֹּלֶת), which literally means the part of a plant containing grains, such as an ear of corn or a stalk of grain or, in different contexts, "stream, torrent".The modern usage derives from an account in the Hebrew Bible, in which pronunciation of this word was used to distinguish Ephraimites, whose dialect lacked a /ʃ/ phoneme (as inshoe), from Gileadites whose dialect did include such a phoneme.” – Wikipedia Viewed 22 June 2013

The shibboleth that libraries use is the authentication system used to identify who gets access to resources. A single sign-on or identity is used which then passes on the access authorisation to various systems. More info from Wikipedia.


Image Grain by Frapestartje. CC licence. Some rights reserved.