13 June 2013


No we are not talking tea.

Gyokuro Imperial

Image Gyokuro Imperial by A Girl with Tea. Some rights reserved.

Only once have I done looseleaf filing in my career – that is one time only when I helped out in the Law Library for a day maybe in 1999. I don’t even know if we still have any looseleaf serials coming in. I must ask the Law Librarian.

A looseleaf publication arrives in periodical instalments that have to be interfiled usually in a ring binder. Not only would the binder get fuller over time, but some new sections would replace older pages. The filing had to be kept up to date and great care had to be taken to get the pages in the right order and not to discard the wrong pages.

Is the time of looseleaf publications over? Read Susan Munro’s post Death to Loose-Leaf? at Slaw.

Binder Rings 1

Image Binder Rings 1 by jkfid. cc. Some rights reserved.