8 June 2013

Grolier, the bibliophile

Grolier [ˈgrəʊlɪə (French) grɔlje] : relating to or denoting a decorative style of bookbinding using interlaced leather straps, gilded ornamental scrolls

Grolier Inc, the publishing company was founded by Walter M. Jackson, who had founded the Grolier Society, which specialised in making fine editions of classics and rare literature and was named after the Grolier Club whose objective was to further the arts in the book making and which was named after….

Jean Grolier de Servières, viscount d'Aguisy (1489-90 – 22 October 1565) was a bibliophile known for his love of elaborate book bindings. He moved between Milan and Lyon variously holding (or purchasing) positions as treasurer of Milan and  Treasurer General of France.

He shared his books with friends, even going so far as to make mention of this on his book plates -  “Grolieri et Amicorum” -- (Latin for "the property of Jean Grolier and his friends").

Reliure en veau fauve réalisée pour Jean Grolier [Rés. 4287]


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