5 June 2013

Dublin Core Metadata

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Dublin Core Metadata : a set of vocabulary terms to describe resources for the purpose of discovery.

The name comes partially from Dublin, Ohio – the birthplace of the metadata initiative. It originated from an invitational workshop hosted by Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) in Dublin, Ohio.

My closest experience with Dublin Core metadata was when I was project manager implementing a content management system. We had lots of decisions to make about metadata for our content. Much of this was specific to the institution and the content management system itself. This included security groups, organisational structure and document types. Some of it – the bits we wanted to expose to search engines for harvesting – was mapped to the Dublin Core metadata element set. These metadata fields were exported and published within the <head></head> tags of web pages.

It looks a bit like this. Only 10 of the 15 possible elements in this sample:

<META name="DC.Identifier" content="SM3_015757">
<META name="DC.Rights" content="©Some University. All rights reserved.">
<META name="DC.Date.Modified" content="2013-06-04">
<META name="DC.Creator" content="Library Web Officer">
<META name="DC.Date.Created" content="2010-12-06">
<META name="keywords" content="Reference, research, Librarians, CDs, books, videos, journals, catalogue, newspapers, borrowing, reservations, study, computers, find, library, Some University, search, uni, lib, online, resources">
<META name="description" content="The Library supports staff and students by providing a research facility with print and electronic collections, audiovisual collections, computers and wireless network.">
<META name="DC.Language" content="ENG">
<META name="DC.Publisher" content="Some University">
<META name="DC.Audience" content="Community|Students|Staff">

Bonus fact:

The motto of Dublin, Ohio is “where yesterday meets tomorrow” and where they seem to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day.

 Irish Bug -- St. Patrick's Day parade Dublin Ohio

Image by mbsz used here under a creative commons licence. Some rights reserved