2 June 2013

Armarians and Librarians

ar·mar·i·an : a monk in charge of the library and scriptorium in a monastery.

But for some proverbial butterfly landing in a forest, it's quite feasible that I would now be employed as a manager of digital armarian services. Somewhere along the line the French terminology for collections of books was adopted in the English language. Perhaps the religious nature of the Latin armarium term was not favoured.
I don't know enough of the etymology to expound in any great detail on this.
Versailles, 2001
But it does remind me of an experience when travelling in France. Rocking up at Versailles ticket office we found that teachers could get a discount. I asked an attendant if librarians could also get a discount on the basis that it was an educational profession and showed my ALIA membership card. He took off to investigate while we were in the queue. In a few minutes he returned and asked if my role was the equivalent of a documentaliste to which I replied yes a little uncertainly. He explained that bookshop owners were not eligible, but they would discount my ticket if I worked as a documentaliste or bibliothécaire.
It pays to carry your ALIA card!