23 March 2013

5in5 instagram snapseed challenge

A facebook friend, Alana, posted 5 photos to Facebook yesterday. She took five photos, edited them in snapseed and posted them in a quick-n-dirty challenge at 5pm.

Inspired, but not willing to wait until 5pm today, I decided to do a similar challenge posting to Instagram.

Five minutes is a very short time, so I figured I needed to do some planning in advance.

  1. Decided where I could stand to take five acceptable photos as quickly as possible and what the subjects of each would be
  2. In notepad created my hashtags and saved them to the clipboard
  3. Closed all the apps on the phone except for camera; snapseed and instagram (and clock for running a timer) so as not to get sidetracked by any others

Despite this I exceeded the 5 minutes. It took me about eight. Doing it again, I’d be sure to only use one filter/modification in snapseed per image. It took time to crop and apply some other effect. As the likes started appearing the notifications interfered with access to the snapseed share control – so next time I’d turn off instagram notifications too.

Anyway, here they are….

5in5 Instagram Snapseed Challenge

#chook #ig #snapseed #5in5 no 1   10.31 am 23/03/2013

#ig #snapseed #5in5 Spider no 2   10.33 am 23/03/2013


#ig #snapseed #5in5 no 3 handle and clamp  10.34 am 23/03/2013


#ig #snapseed #5in5 no 4 Wheelbarrow  10.36 am 23/03/2013


#ig #snapseed #5in5 no 5 pineapple. 10.38 am 23/03/2013

I have spent far too much time (way more than 5 minutes) trying to figure out the best way to embed selected instagram images in this post. Someone needs to add a share-to-blogger, or embed option in their instagram apps (hint hint statigram et al.) One that acknowledges the image creator, shows the number of likes and comments is desirable. There are widgets for adding streams of photos based on username or hashtag, but none where I could use a combination of those, or just for a single image.