3 December 2012

Post 30day link blitz


After a month or near enough, of blitzing LinkedIn with links I can now report on the results. The last few days at work were leading up to some annual leave so I was very busy (with some out of office hours work as well chewing up LinkedIn time) trying to finish off some project activities. This resulted in less attention to linking. Overall it was enjoyable and resulted in some interesting online conversations – but as yet I’m not sure it has made a significant difference to me.

While my profile is showing up in more search results and some endorsements came my way, there is not much of a change in the other values. Although my network size has increased by almost 25k in just the last five days.

Interestingly the area I payed the least attention to was my profile.


  Before After
Connections 224 255
Profile Views in last n days 7 in 7 days 8 in 15 days
Profile in Search results in the last 7 days 11 20
People I’ve recommended 3 3
Endorsement/Skills 44/10 72/13
Profile Completeness 100% 100%
Following 225 Not sure where I got this figure from
Klout 48 49

Maybe I didn’t measure the right things at the beginning. Maybe it needs longer for the results to kick in.