2 November 2012

30 days blitz on LinkedIn

I’ve joined a social network challenge for November. @DesWalsh has rounded up a diverse group to take part in a month of LinkedIn activity.

The concept is simple and cheap – “A collaborative project, in which each participant commits to take action on his/her LinkedIn presence and activity, over a 30 day period.” – 30 Day Linking Blitz

All it costs is our time and commitment.

I made the commitment without thinking too deeply about expectations or what impact the challenge might have.

But to set the scene before we get into the challenge I thought I’d gather a few facts for a baseline.

At the 2nd of November:

Connections 224
Profile views in the last 7 days 7
Profile in search results in the last 7 days 11
People I’ve recommended 3
Endorsements/Skills 44/10
Profile completeness 100%
Klout 48 (Only linked to Twitter)
Following 225