15 October 2012

I built a librarybox

Jason Griffey’s librarybox project inspired me. And, my sister is working on a project with class sets of Android tablets for primary school children. This might be a good device for distributing content to the class without requiring internet thereby limiting the class to just the resources they need.image

I bought a TP-Link MR3020 via ebay for around AUD$40 delivered and a 16Gb USB flash drive for about AUD$15 from Dick Smith Electronics. That’s the total outlay.


  • LibraryBox v1.5 Installation Instructions – However, changes to the OpenWRT packages location since the document version caused some problems, or as Jason said “everything will be borked”. But he followed up very efficiently with instructions for getting back on track.
  • If you have an MR3020 – (This page was a work-in-progress as of 8th October 2012)
  • vi Cheat Sheet – It had been a few years since I’d done any editing with vi, but I was surprised how quickly the basics came back. Before I knew it I was yanking and putting lines, inserting and replacing text without thinking about it.
  • UNIX Commands Quick List – The instructions provided show exactly what to type. However, when things got borked I had to delve back into the recesses of my mind for a few other commands.

If you have never used UNIX or vi and you are planning one of these, it would really help if you can find someone who’s willing to consult if things go wrong.

The other thing that I did, that is not covered in the instructions was to make backup copies of files I was editing using the cp –p command and naming them with the date. Just in case, and so I could revisit original files if needed.

Thanks to @griffey for advice and assistance on librarybox, and thanks to my son Lewis for consultation on our home wireless network.