12 October 2012

10 books you absolutely must read meme


@flexnib drew my attention to this post at Momentum Books, and it is just waiting to be made into a meme post.

1. Every single book by your favourite author.

I don’t really have a favourite author, but I am quite fond of Jane Austen and I have read all of her novels.

Front Cover

2. The one that a friend recommends even though it’s in a genre you’ve never read

There are very few genres of which I haven’t read at least one example. Makes it hard to undertake this.

3. The one by the debut novelist you aren’t familiar with

The name of the rose by Umberto Eco

Front Cover

4. The books that mean something to your parents

I’ve read quite a few books that my Mum recommended to me and one or two that Dad suggested. But I’m not sure I could identify a particular book that is very meaningful to either of them. I’d better ask them.

5. At least one book that was written in another language (preferably a translated edition…unless you can speak the language. In that case, show off)

Il nome della rosa by Umberto Eco

6. The one with the really cool cover that caught your eye


7. The one you found on a park bench/train carriage

Out of Steppe by Daniel Metcalfe. Not exactly on a park bench or train carriage, but it was found while travelling.

Front Cover

8. The one a struggling writer begs you to read

I am yet to meet a struggling writer.

9. The “adult” novel that was just ahead of your reading level when you were 13

Interview with the vampire by Anne Rice

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10. The Young Adult novel that one of your kids loved

They largely skipped young adult novels. But I did read a few Terry Pratchett Discworld novels that one of them loved.

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