17 August 2012

Crowd Mentoring

Terry Heick in his article "How Google impacts the way students think" mentions a few services  that I haven’t tried. I got the impression that they were new-gen curation tools, the next step up from bookmarking. Learnist, appears very much like Pinterest, only learning-focused. MentorMob inspired me to sign-up and try – it reminds me of Pearltrees and Diigo webslides. It is described as a playlist for learning resources. Unlike Pearltrees and Diigo webslides your playlists are editable by any users so be prepared to have your feelings bruised if your resource gets bumped. I haven’t created or edited a playlist yet, but the service does enable embedding (see example below). MentorMob is in alpha release.

Create your own Playlist on MentorMob!

Now, I just need a topic. Suggestions? Collaborators?

Terry also links to instaGrok, I’m yet to explore this one.