12 July 2011

smcgc July 13th event

I’ve just come home from a meeting with some new enthusiastic members of the SMCGC executive. Details of the changes to the group will be announced at tomorrow’s event, but let me just say that they are certainly an energised group which bodes very well for the future of the club.

Sarah Stewart mover and shaker behind the Virtual International Day of the Midwife is our special guest and will be talking about how she uses social media to connect with people for learning and other opportunities. I’m looking forward to catching up with Sarah again, who I first met in New Zealand in 2008 at the International Conference of Computer Mediated Networking.

See the SMCGC site if you cannot attend and want to follow along with the tweets (#smcgc0711 is the hashtag on Twitter) but there are still spots available if you are on the Gold Coast and would like to attend - http://smcgc0711-eorg.eventbrite.com/ – it’s free.