30 July 2011

How Google+ made Evernote even more useful

When I started using Google+ a few weeks back I created an empty circle for notes to myself. When there are only a few posts shared with this circle it is OK but there is no search available across those notes.

I'm currently collecting resources for the next Social Media Club Gold Coast meeting for a presentation on Google+. I found this Post by Paul Allen about
Google+ making LinkedIn even more useful and wanted to save it to my Evernote account where I'm collecting the resources. I shared it to my Evernote email address that is in my gmail contacts list, but the next time I tried it (on iPad) the address would not appear.

I finally realized that I could add my Evernote email as a person in my Notes to Self circle. That should make it easier to share to Evernote and of course I'll then be able to search across all those notes to myself. Now if I could add some tags and specify a notebook would be great.