5 June 2011

DIY touch screen gloves

I’m planning some Winter travel and decided that some gloves that work with touchscreens might save some cold fingers, and let me answer the phone without having to take the gloves off.

  1. Get some gloves 
  2. Get some conductive thread. I bought mine on eBay, where you can source small lengths of the thread.
  3. Make a few stitches in the finger tips of the gloves so that the thread goes right through all layers of the glove. There must be some strands left inside that will be in contact with your fingers. This step was a bit awkward as it was not easy to turn the fingers of the gloves inside out and manage the needle so it didn’t poke into my fingers.
Gloves for capacitative screens Conductive thread Inside glove iPhone gloves

And here is a quick demo of how it works. It will take a little practice I think to get used to the change. A tip to make it even more effective is to just moisten the stitches a little.