19 June 2011

Blogging from the Beach

I rode my bike to Kirra Surf Club and I'm sitting up on the balcony having just finished a large hot delicious coffee (Amore - local roaster). G attached a basket to my bike this week so I tested it by bringing long the ipad for some blogging by the beach. Now I was going to do my blog roundup for Blogjune30 at Libraries Interact, but the ipad just doesn't cut it for blogging for me. This post won't have any links because i'm using email application to write and post it. No photos either. Although there is a lovely shot of Kirra on Flickr.

Yesterday I starred all the posts in Flipboard Google Reader ready for today's round up, but in Flipboard today I can't even see them because they have been read.

The personal hotspot with the iphone is working OKish bit slow at times but that's a network issue.

I'll take a look for some other app. What i really want is something like Live Writer for the ipad so i can post to multiple blog platforms and add photos, links and more easily. But next time I might have to bring the netbook too.

It all sounds very negative, but the view is so lovely and the weather so perfect - it is all too uplifting to get the technology blues. 