14 May 2011

Evernote and Livescribe reading my writing

In October last year Andrew Sinkov wrote about the integration between Livescribe (desktop application for managing notes and audio recorded with an Echo or Pulse pen) and Evernote (online note storage with benefits).

I tried it today for the first time. Andrew describes how the integration works so I won’t go into that.

I’m using this as a second test as the first was very untidy writing and only some words were recognised. YES! handwriting recognition. Evernote can detect words enabling search across notes. Even if the recognition is not at a high rate – there is always the option to write some keywords as legible as possible to improve retrievability.

Keywords: writing, evernote, livescribe

In the iphone & ipad Evernote apps the search terms are highlighted.



In the images below you can see how the words I searched for have been highlighted. This also works on the desktop application, but I haven’t seen it in the web browser interface (there is a new evernote interface on the web and it looks pretty nice).

 Evernote and livescribe iPad

Evernote livescribe integration iphone 

Almost wishing I was a student again, just to take notes and manage them in Evernote.