5 March 2011

LibX for Chrome is coming

Once again going through RSS feeds using Google Chrome I found a Campus Review article that I wanted to read in full and was facing the prospect of opening Firefox, loading the page and then reloading it using LibX via MPOW’s ezproxy to get access to the full text.image

Wishing for LibX for Chrome I decided to search and see if it might be coming soon and found a sneak preview that allows me (and you) to try some of the LibX functionality from an existing edition of the toolbar. In this case the Bond University edition.

The ‘toolbar’ appears in a floating box over the top of the web page – this is quite different to the experience in Firefox and IE, but is consistent with other chrome extensions like Evernote and Chromed Bird. And it is not bad, especially as I’m often using this on a netbook and really don’t want to take up valuable screen space with a toolbar.

It’s early days yet and only the toolbar imagefunctionality is available in the sneak preview. The right-click functionality is where the re-load via ezproxy is accessible from, so I can’t try that yet, but I’m really pleased to see progress in this area.