8 February 2011

First experiment with Livescribe Echo Pen

I purchased a smart pen which arrived today, so I have been playing with it to see how it might fit in my blogging process.

Here is a page-only pencast. Next time I’ll record some audio to go with the writing, with some audio and perhaps multiple pages a pencast might be more deserving of the description.

Blog Post
brought to you by Livescribe

I notice that in image some of the pen strokes are not recorded even though they appear on the paper. That may be a result of the poor lighting. Despite that it is relatively readable.

This shows the page above in the LiveScribe application on my netbook.


There is an option for ‘sharing’ which enables sending a recording directly to an Evernote account.

It is relatively easy to get started, but it is a sophisticated device and I’m sure there will be quite a lot of learning to really exploit the functionality. There are even ‘apps’, but more on that another time.