6 January 2011

Learning about images every day

I don’t expect this to last all year, however, I agreed to join the Daily Image 2011 Group on Flickr at the invitation of Kathryn Greenhill. This particular group is not just any old daily image, but it must include oneself (can be taken by another person) or a reflection, or just a part… hand, foot, elbow.

It seems quite narcissistic, so to minimise the sense of that I thought I’d combine it with another group “Idioms in English” so that I was at least sometimes creating something useful to others, and also try to learn a few new things about cameras, photography, digital image editing. The purpose of the Idioms group is to create images that help English learners remember the meaning of idioms such as turning over a new leaf.

Turn over a new leaf (1/365)

A bonus of the Daily Image group is connecting with lots of new friends of friends on FlickR. I have used FlickR for quite a long time, but in the last 6 days it has become a quite intensive experience and I’m enjoying the reacquaintance.

Coincidentally, there has been quite a bit of activity on Facebook amongst my school friends and a 30 year reunion is shaping up for later in the year. This resulted in me spending some time scanning old photographs, editing them using Gimp and sharing them on Facebook. Getting school photos scanned so that those tiny little faces can be recognised is critical. It’s hard enough putting names to faces after all those years, let alone when the face is small and blurry.

Today I started using Camera+, which cost me $AU1.19 and I’d pass on @haikugirlOz recommendation to any iPhone users. It makes it easy to significantly improve iphone snaps. Just for the portrait and food lighting effects it is worth the investment. Compare these images of a cherry tart I made this week.

Cherry Tart with Rosewater Cream  Taken with iPhone camera.Cherry tart improved Enhanced with Camera+ food lighting effect