22 January 2011

IPad explorations

I've started setting up an iPad for use at work.
Applications I've added are:
Whiteboard Lite for drawing. I want to try this with another iPad user as it promises connection via wifi or Bluetooth to collaborate on a drawing.
Prezi for showing presentations created with the Prezi service
Filamente Lite promises Sharepoint connection but i have not been able to test that yet.
Clock application - but the free version only allowed for two cities to be compared in the world clocks feature.. Might have to upgrade when the need arises.
Flipboard - for Google Reader mainly but BBC News and Techcrunch look good there too.
Evernote & Dropbox for synchronized notes and files across laptop, home computer iPhone and iPad. These are fabulous apps.
Bluefire - for reading books and PDFs. I expect to be doing a lot of research in the next few months for a project and I'm hoping this will save my back from long hours sitting at a desk reading. PDFs opened from Dropbox can be sent to Bluefire.
Dragon Dictation - I may have to conduct a few interviews as part of needs analysis so I was hoping this might be useful for transcribing but first tests are quite hit and miss.

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