2 October 2010

Evernote and Google simultaneous search

I’ve been using the Evernote extension in Google Chrome for some time and just found out that I can now search my Evernote notes at the same time as a Google search. It works well, and is a nice way to remind myself about sites and thoughts that I considered useful at some point in the past, but have likely forgotten about.

After updating the extension’s options I logged in to Evernote and set about testing.

Above the Google results the Evernote logo appears with a link and the count of notes that met the search term criterion. In addition, the logo in the extension bar also shows a count. Clicking the link on the page opens a new tab showing the notes that were identified by the search.


Black boxes show the Evernote logos with the count of search results for the term “orange”.





New tab opened with the identified note containing “orange”.