10 October 2010

Digital Storytelling Challenge

In the last several months, members of my personal learning network have been taking up a challenge each month. I missed the 30 posts in 30 days blogging challenge as I was on an extended trip overseas and internet access was not available every day, and was just too busy, distracted, preoccupied to join in the others since then.

This month the challenge is to develop some skills with tools that can be used for digital storytelling. All efforts in the challenge are being tagged #octshowntell. Inspired by my trip I’ve used that as a theme for my two efforts so far. I’m not sure I’m going to get one done each week of the month. Last weekend I started work on a video using Windows Live Movie Maker, and today (a very rainy day) I finished it.

It looks much nicer on my netbook than the youtube version, but you’ll just have to make do with that one.


Shortly after uploading it, I saw Polyxena’s tweet about her Storybird effort and decided to have a go with that too. Storybird is easy to use, and aimed at the picture-book audience.

Here is the picture book version of An Excellent Adventure on Storybird. UPDATE: since original posting I found out how to embed a Storybird.


For more #octshowntell efforts…



  1. Julia Gross
    jaygee35 my blog post: October Show and Tell challenge with Animoto Bird Story http://t.co/eUneZrA via @AddThis #Octshowntell
  2. Clare Aitken
    LibClare Librarians as digital story tellers from @jaygee35 http://bit.ly/asUlIx <-- Just caught up with FUNN and #octshowntell
  3. CeridwynBloxham
    CeridwynatUni For my 2nd #Octshowntell "Grey Nomads on GoodOldTalk.com": http://animoto.com/s/C23OarK69DwO0v0cdt20mg these can get addictive...
  4. Ruth Baxter
    restructuregirl first week of #octshowntell going well - for summary of efforts see http://restructuregirl.wordpress.com/2010/10/08/octshowntell/
  5. Sally Cummings
    sallysetsforth Uploaded another Animoto video for #octshowntell - this is closer to the storytelling idea & features my cat :) http://youtu.be/RgMoATMOWZI
  6. Pamela McGowan
    PMMcG Excited! My first #Octshowntell is up and available for all to see http://bit.ly/9pqrOF Now...I actually need to focus #stopprocrastinating
  7. Julia Gross
    jaygee35 Just made a video on Animoto called "Open Access Week": http://animoto.com/s/xjepl2lhWRY0nq8CzK80QA #Octshowntell #oaw2010
  8. Tony Davies
    bonitoclub "NEAT EDGES!" by bonitoclub - http://bit.ly/djWweP via @toondoo #octshowntell
  9. Anne Holmes
    polyxena #Octshowntell #3 Storybird: As Storybird was one of the sites that I played around with today I thought that it wa... http://bit.ly/9SKfvC
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