7 October 2010

10 top intriguing tweets about libraries

The Australian Library and Information Association is promoting a Top Ten Lists activity for 10/10/10 (10th October 2010). Lists can be published around the 10th. Here are some tweets I found that give an intriguing glimpse of people’s relationship with libraries.


  1. Neil Kramer
    Neilochka @suefisher sorry. Ms. Librarian. We love you. You know what I meant. Google will never replace you.
  2. VSkittles
    PandorasBox1920 I'm loving this iPod touch I got (fo free!) from the library. So who's gonna buy me one when I have to return it?
  3. tesxemarco
    TesxEmarco Thank You!! my school's librarian is a life saver. i love her (lmao) .....well, not really but umm yeah.
  4. Stewart Rogers
    StewartRogers Summer Reading List: Loving the library! Pro, books are free. Cons, 3 week returns. So some of these are ... http://bit.ly/cFRv6U #prodmgmt
  5. Kristina
    TheStinacat whoaa the new public library here is gonna open on Saturday I'm excited :3
  6. Hannah O'Brien
    counterobsess YES!!! Buffy Seasons 2 AND 3 are waiting for me at the library! #imstayinginthisweekend
  7. Kevin Klinke
    kklinke I should not feel like I'm leaving the library early at 3:30am...
  8. @fSophy Norris
    SophyNorris oooo - am loving online renewal for library books! #amgettingold
  9. Xavier Lensar Mann
    xmannlensar Open this library up! 730 is such an odd time to open, why won't you let me learn?! *breaks down in tears*
  10. Darren
    darrenkerwin Right I think that's me done here at the library, I shall catch up with you lovely sexy people later, bye for now! x


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