23 September 2010

SMCGC September Meet

This month’s meeting of the Social Media Club Gold Coast was a smaller turnout than recent meetings, so rather than go on with the scheduled presentations we were able to have a less formal conversation. Suzie Cheel shared with us her experience using Amplify to enhance her online presence and Carolyn McDonald talked about the challenges facing government agencies in using social media.

From the Amplify website “Amplify is a service for engaging in conversation about news, thoughts and ideas that people share. Not all conversations can be had in fewer than 140 characters, so while Twitter is an amazing place for keeping up with what's going on in the world, Amplify is the place to talk about it.”

Amplify will autopost to Twitter, Facebook and other services to expand coverage and enables snippets and images to be included in posts. I like the focus on conversation that Amplify encourages.

LOUD speaker


One thought that struck me is the potential for excessive flooding of duplicate posts across the web increasing the vastness of dross that the gems are hidden in, as more and more auto-posting services are taken up. The first wave of users may get plenty of mileage out of this, but as it goes mainstream will there be less return on investment. Are we just getting too loud? Is that the case with some search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies? If everyone is optimising for search engines, then doesn’t it stand to reason that advantage is diminished as time goes on.


Image LOUD speaker by woodleywonderworks, reproduced here under a Creative Commons Licence.