19 September 2010

Online bookmarking and notes with Diigo

This post is being written using the "send to blog" feature in Diigo, an online social bookmarking, image and note capture tool. It has some very nice features and extensions or toolbars for different browsers. I've only just started playing with it this evening and I'm not sure how this is ultimately going to fit (or not) in my personal learning environment (PLE). For me it sits somewhere between Mendeley, Zotero & Connotea (my bookmarks were quickly imported to Diigo) which offer a scholarly suite of features and Evernote for more private notes.

The Diigo iPhone app is a bit light on compared to Evernote's. But this blogging option in the website (although it requires a toolbar to be installed in the browser to trigger it) could be a winner. The image below was captured from the toolbar in firefox and the text above it is the note/bookmark that I saved for the Connotea home page.
There is no option to add tags relevant for my blog though.

Other cool features are:
  • social networking & groups of interest
  • importing bookmarks from delicious and connotea
  • simultaneous posting to diigo and delicious if you really want to duplicate
  • highlighting on web pages & annotations via sticky notes
  • a nice light-weight bookmarklet cum toolbar for Chrome             
  • auto posting bookmarks to a blog either daily or weekly (although my autopost has not appeared as yet)             
I like it a lot, the dilemma is to determine a strategy for use (or not) with the other items in my toolkit, which do overlap.