14 September 2010

Bloglines: the end

Bloglines was my first RSS reader (and possibly my first blog http://www.bloglines.com/blog/Peta) and it is closing down in a couple of weeks time.

I’m not concerned about the feeds that I still have there as I migrated them ages ago, firstly to FeedDemon, and then with desktop/cloud synching to Google Reader. I now use Google Reader exclusively as my RSS reader. FeedDemon was nice when I was downloading selected podcasts, but as that habit has fallen by the wayside I haven’t missed that desktop application for some time.

I also used bloglines as an openAuthentication ID. I guess that is disappearing too, and I’m wondering which tools I may lose access to as a result of that. I can only remember one specifically that I used it for and I’m no longer active in that wiki so that will not be a great loss I suppose, until/if I need to become active there in the future.

I think I’d like to preserve the blog posts so I thought I’d slurp them into a wordpress blog using the RSS feed, however it is not showing any items, yet on the “preview this feed” link I can view a few of the 43 items. So it seems a pdf of the feed preview may be the best I can do.


Google Operating System (the unofficial Google tips blog) reports that….

Most Bloglines users will probably migrate to Google Reader, which is now the most popular web-based feed reader. Unfortunately, Google Reader is still a niche service and this won't change in the future, so Google will eventually discontinue it. Instead of subscribing to feeds, people prefer to subscribe to other people. Google Buzz, Google Me and other social services will use Google Reader's back-end, while offering a people-centric experience. -- http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2010/09/bloglines-to-be-discontinued.html

I still like some of my RSS without the buzz. Some of my RSS stuff is not the sort of thing I share and some is not going to be pushed to me in Twitter or Facebook or other social apps. I still want to see my journal Table of Contents in plain old RSS feeder.

Now to figure out a better way to capture those old posts in Bloglines.