26 August 2010

Social marketing and a yammer

The Social Media Club Gold Coast gathered at Broadbeach Library this evening. Tracy Whitelaw was the guest speaker and talked about convincing business to ‘go new school’ in their marketing. Tracy runs a business which provides advice on social marketing and related services to businesses, and offered some great insights into how ignoring social media channels can be a big risk. The slides will be available from the SMCGC site in the near future.Objets d'Art VGA

I’m sorry I missed the speed networking at the beginning of the evening as there were a couple of new faces – a big welcome to you if you read this :). I had to dash off to get a cable for the projector or we would have been slideless.

After Tracy’s presentation Michael Rees and I gave a short demonstration of Yammer and talked about how this microblogging tool can be used within an organisation, or for small teams. Yammer has not taken off to any large extent at MPOW, but it has great potential and I’m sure there are some great success stories out there (@Suelibrarian want to add a comment about your experience?). The demonstration inspired me to check out some features that I wasn’t aware of. There is now an option to extend the network beyond the email domain, by inviting external partners and collaborators or customers into the conversation.

Tracy had talked about the importance of monitoring social traffic about your product or business so as to engage with the community. Yammer has a facility to include RSS feeds or keyword filters from Twitter or Google into the Yammer feed. This is a fairly simple way to easily include those streams to monitor tweets or posts about your business.

It was a good night, but must remember to bring a spare cable just in case next time!

Image by Idoknow19, used under Creative Commons Licence.