22 July 2010

SMCGC event – social media for business

A few notes from the latest Social Media Club Gold Coast Meeting….

Des Walsh (@deswalsh) and Michael Rees (@mrees) spoke to a small, but interested group at Broadbeach Library this evening. The following are my rough notes.

Des Walsh – Connecting with customers
Having a website is not enough any more, now that the web has become so social.

“Dear Sir or Madam” – so 20th century. Needs to be personal. It’s not just the 20 year olds. Baby boomers are the biggest group going online.

Sometimes we don’t know who is in our extended network especially those who are connected to people we are connected to in social networks for example, LinkedIn.

Des’s key to social media for business:

People (who do I need to get to, where do they hang out on the web), Presence (I need to have a presence – cannot be subcontracted out, must be authentic voice), Profile (for 1/2 hour of effort can have a good profile on something like Linked In), Participation (Cannot be completely delegated) –> Engage

Optimise for local search (keywords, images and videos, Google Business Centre http://tinyurl.com/mcwpmr)

Going solo won’t work – SMCGC can be a network for helping each other and yourself.

Must see the ABC policy on Use of Social Media – 1 pager with 4 key points. The key points are:

1. Do not mix the professional and the per sonal in ways likely to bring the ABC into disrepute.

2. Do not under mine your effectiveness at work.

3. Do not imply ABC endorsement of your personal views.

4. Do not dis close con fidetial infomation obtained through work.


Michael Rees --  Basic Social Media Toolkit (the minimum number of social tools for an easy introdution to social media)

Cannot hide from social media.

Business Information – types of information

  • network of staff, customers, peers
  • Internal documents (some may be confidential – some you want to share with the world
  • Web site

Tools for these 3 areas – probably want to put these on the ‘cloud’ to access from any network enabled machine, if chosen correctly you will get a reliable backup online.

Website – discussion of traditional vs social media web presence.


If you go without a traditional website things to consider – customise a blog, embrace analytics, interact through groups and Twitter, lean heavily on web apps, identify social media focus.

Social media for employees – http://c4lpt.co.uk/workingsmarter A practical guide to using social media in your job by Jane Hart.


  • web content discovery and alerting
  • sharing content online and refreshing
  • building a trusted network for colleagues
  • sharing resources ideas, experience with colleagues
  • collaboration with colleagues particularly in ad hoc groups
  • improving your personal productivity

Big 3 for networking – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Internal Docs – Google Documents

Web site – Google Sites

Must check out Google Marketplace for linking in 3rd party applications into Google Sites.