19 April 2010

Options For Your Online Social Network

Ning has recently announced that it will be phasing out the free service for those wanting to set up their own online social network.

This is a risk with any free service that users need to consider when planning ahead for their online presence.

Weigh up the risk and what contingencies you are prepared to take on, against the value of the data and service you are offering ..

  • abandon the site/service/presence
  • pay up
  • migrate to a new location – does the service offer you a way to backup and or export your data

For those looking for alternatives to Ning, this post by Mr. Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers will be of interest. (This looks like a blog I should pay more attention to.)

In addition, Mixxt is offering free online social networks, and some might consider moving to Google Sites and the suite of gadgets that can be plugged in there.