2 April 2010

Extensions for Google Chrome

Trying out some Google Chrome extensions:

Shareaholic - I use this in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Provides a customisable list of sharing/bookmarking options. Enables any web page to be quickly shared on Twitter, Facebook or emailed, or ...
  • Measureit - I've used this in Firefox and I'm happy to find a version for Google Chrome. Allows the user to measure the height and width of regions on a web page
  • Pixlr Grabber - Looks way cool. I was on the hunt for something like Screengrab. This one also provides an image editor in the browser to modify the image captured.
  • Google Translate - Another handy tool for those odd occasions.

Here's a page from Thoughts on Collaborative Planning translated into Thai, with measuring tool showing, captured as an image using some of the extensions listed here.

Still waiting on something like Colorzilla. There are some colour extensions, but so far none that I'm entirely confident about.